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Friday, December 18, 2015

Natural Dog Food Recipes Meets A Happy Budget #NaturesRecipe

Affordable Healthy Dog Food  

Many pet parents are on a really tight budget during the holiday season.  As pet parents we will not sacrifices our pet's nutrition.  So I am very happy to tell you about Nature's Recipe®.

Nature's Recipe provides the healthy food your dog needs without a big step up in price.  You don't need to purchase grocery store food for your dog when you can purchase a healthy food without breaking your budget.  

Trust me on this, go to your local +PetSmart ® check out all the options that +NaturesRecipeDogFood  has, and check out the prices.  I'm telling you that you will be surprised.

Nature's Recipe carries life stages food:
  • Puppy
  • Adult
  • Senior
They also carry Special Need Food; for example Mary is older and could be on their Senior Food, but she is a larger dog and need help with her joint.  I chose to put her on the Joint Health Formula.

Whether you have a small dog, large dog or somewhere in between dog there's a food for you furry friend. Natures Recipe carries many breed specific needs dog food recipes.

Natures Recipe carries many breed specific needs dog food recipes
Toy Breed, Small Breed and Grain Free Just some of the options available
 You can read the full post with and all of Nature's Recipe options at www.thedogtraininglady.com

So if your budget is needing an adjustment before those Holiday credit card bills come due, be sure to check out Nature's Recipe and give your dog the nutrition their bodies need.

You know what's even better, order online at PetSmart.com your probably tired of shopping already.  If your like me, I'd rather have the delivery person carry that big bag of dog food to my door.  Sorry but I have enough to do and you probably to do.

Compare your the price of the food your buying now and check out Nature's Recipe prices.  Be sure to check the ingredients on both too, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Check out that tongue curl!

Nature's Recipe has been creating nutritional dog food recipes for over 30 years and they understand that pet parents care about their fur-babies.

Nature's Recipe makes a great Holiday gift for your doggie friends too.

Mary d Dog and I wish everyone a very happy holiday season.

Paws & Wags,
Suzanne Dean, ABCDT & Mary d Dog

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Bravo Dog Food Recall December 2015

Dog Food Voluntary Recall Alert

Bravo Dog Food Voluntary Recall Alert

Dog Food Recall Alert.   This is a voluntary recall from Bravo Pet Foods of Manchester, Connecticut due to the possibility of Salmonella being present in some selected lots of the Bravo Chicken Blend diet for dogs and cats.

As I have mentioned before, it seems that recalls come in waves.  I will not be emailed any recalls for a period of time, and then they seem to show up almost daily.

Please share this post with your pet parent friends.  If you feed this food to your pets, please click on the link above to find out which lots are affected and which ones are not.

The statement from Dog Food Advisor:

"201 cases of this product were sold to distributors, retail stores, internet retailers and directly to consumers in the U.S."

Please help get the word out before there are any dogs or cats that are adversely affected. 

Dog Food Voluntary Recall Alert salmonellosis in dogs

According to PetMD Salmonella infection in dogs is called Salmonellosis and can have several symptoms from mild to severe.  They also state that salmonellosis is a zoonotic disease, meaning it can be transmitted to humans.

If you have pets and children this could get out of hand if not quickly diagnosed and treated.  Not to mention any affects it may have on you or anyone that handles the food and/or an infected dog.

Bravo Pet Food Recall December 2015 Can Affect Cats

If you have cats the can also be affected by Salmonellosis according to PetMD.  As with dogs, cats that are infected can transmit this to humans.

Click Here to get the details.

Suzanne Dean, ABCDT

You can sign up to have these recall alerts sent directly to your email at DogFoodAdvisor.com Recall Alerts

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Natural Dog Food Recipes Meets A Happy Budget #NaturesRecipe

Healthy Natural Dog Food Recipes

Have you ever wondered: How can I afford Healthy Natural Dog Food for my dogs?

There was a time in my life, as in everyone life, that your budget takes a major hit.  We are pet parents that care and want the best for our dogs.  That includes the best food.

Recently I wrote an article on www.thedogtraininglady.com about affordable Natural Dog Food Recipes that you and I can afford, even when our budgets takes a major hit. 

Healthy Joint Special Needs Dog Food Recipes @PetSmart @NaturesRecipe
My Dog "Mary d Dog"

When My Budget Took A Big Hit

Several years ago, my husband became disabled.  He was an electrician, OMG, that income gone.  I  had 4 dogs and 5 cats to feed.  My first thought was not the bills, or the mortgage; it was being able to keep my pets fed a good quality diet.  Even though I had a well paying salary position, I had to make serious budget changes.

I didn't want to sacrifice my pet's food to the inexpensive stuff, that included corn and gluten, and other ingredients that I consider to be the equivalent of we human eating junk food.

Not only could that cause my dog and cats to have digestive issues, or worse. What if it caused other health problems that could lead to additional vet visits, that I would not be able to afford.

Grain Free Healthy Dog Food Recipes @PetSmart @NaturesRecipe
Breed Specific Natural Dog Food Recipes from #NaturesRecipe

The Affordable Healthy Dog Food Recipe Choice

That is when I found an affordable brand of Natural Dog Food Recipes at my local PetSmart®-  Nature's Recipe®.

A lot of time has passed since then,  and things have gotten a lot better financially.  

However, the passing of time also had our pack thinning down.  Several dogs have passed to the rainbow bridge and Mary is the last dog left.  She's 13 years old as of this last July, and the love of my life.  I know you pet parents understand that feeling.

She is a large breed dog and large breeds can have joint issues when they get into their senior years.  That is why I chose the Joint Health Dog Food Formula for her.

Grain Free and Limited Ingredient Healthy Dog Food Recipes @PetSmart @NaturesRecipe

Find the Dog Food Recipe For Your Dog

Nature's Recipe has everything from Puppy Food, to Senior Food and everything in between.  There are Grain Free options, breed specific options if you have a small or medium size dog.

You can step up your dog food without a big step up in price. 

Click on over to the the link above to read the all the details on a variety of affordable dog food recipes.  I can tell you that Nature's Recipe is a company that cares about our pets, and cares about pet parents that want the best for their pets.

My Dog Favorite Nature's Recipe Dog Food and Dog Treats @PetSmart @NaturesRecipe

Tis The Season for All Budget To Need An Adjustment 

Hey, it's the holiday season and all of us know the our budgets will be a little tight when those credit card bills come in.

Whether it's the holidays, and major life crisis, or even a minor life crisis that hits your budget.  There is a company that you can trust to understand that our pets are our family.  We want healthy pet food for them no matter what.

You find out more about Nature's Recipe dog food formulas, and you can purchase it at your local PetSmart or at PetSmart.com.

Mary and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy Holiday Season,

Paws & Wags
Suzanne Dean, ABCDT and Mary d Dog

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Dave’s Dog Food Recall of December 2015

Dog Food Recall

I always dislike writing about dog food recalls that are emailed to me, but I feel a responsibility to those who have pets that could be effected.

Voluntary Recall

A voluntary recall of Dave's Pet Food of Agawam, Massachusetts a single batch of its Dave’s Simply the Best Dog Food due to the presence of an “off odor"

Dave"s Dog Food Recall of December 2015

However, when a company voluntarily recalls there food, I'm not sure whether they are doing it for our pet's benefit or their benefit of not getting their hand slapped by the FDA.  I would like to think that they are doing it for our pet's benefit.  Look at me being the optimist. 

Off Odor

The "off odor" they are talking about is has to do with "peroxide value being high indicating rancidity" according to Southern Tier Pet Nutrition co-packer of this product.

You can read all of the information by clicking the link above.  This will also tell you where to file a complaint and get more information if you need it.

Please check you dog food, if you have any of this food, be sure to take the necessary precautions to keep you pet safe.

We all want happy and healthy dogs.  Knowing what is in your dogs food if part of that.

If you would like to know more about dog food and its ingredients and what human foods your dogs can eat visit www.thedogtraininglady.com and my series, Dogs: Healthy Food, Healthy Dog, Happy Dog.

Want to get dog food recalls directly in your email sign up for Dog Food Advisor and you'll know the minute they do.

Here's to your pets being happy and healthy.

Paws & Wags
Suzanne Dean, ABCDT

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photo credit: KOGI via photopin (license)

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food Market Withdrawal of November 2015

Dog Food Recall - Well... Not Quite.

Yet another Dog Food Recall.  I should clarity that this is not exactly a DOG FOOD RECALL, this is a Market Withdrawal, there is a difference.   

A Market Withdrawal as explained by Dog Food Advisor as per the FDA

What Is a Market Withdrawal?

market withdrawal is different than a product recall.
Market withdrawal: occurs when a product has a minor violation that would not be subject to FDA legal action.
The firm removes the product from the market or corrects the violation.
For example, a product removed from the market due to tampering, without evidence of manufacturing or distribution problems, would be a market withdrawal.
There hasn't been a recall for a while, but then they suddenly come in droves.  I will be waiting will bated breath for the next one.

This is a market withdrawal and you have to give the company credit for at least being on top of things.  At the very least they are attempting to protect their good name.  On the plus side let's hope that no dogs have been harmed in finding the need to withdraw this food from the market.

Dog food advisor was notified by finding this picture that was captured at a Pet Smart located in Naples Florida.  

This is a voluntary withdrawel, however we don't know why at this time.  This recall is for some of their canned dog food.  Perhaps we may know more, as to the reason why soon, at this time we do not have this information.  

Please click on the link above for a list of products that are being recalled. It will also provide you with information on how to contact Hill's and to file your own complaint if necessary.

You can also sign up to be advised of dog food recalls and have them delivered right to your inbox, so you will always be on top of any new market withdrawals, and dog food recalls.

Please be sure to check this link to see if you have any of these cans of food, before you continue to feed your dog.

Be Safe, Stay Healthy and most of all keep your pet Safe and Healthy

Paws & Wags,
Suzanne Dean, ABCDT

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